Rice Ball is a
popular food in Japan.



Kawaba Rice Ball
Kawaba Rice Ball is a Japanese Deli specializing in musubi, rice ball. Unlike sushi, rice ball is a casual food, perfect for eating on the go. Rice Ball is a popular food in Japan, and a staple of Japanese bento or lunch boxes. At Kawaba Rice Ball, we care about ingredients. We use organic or natural ingredients as much as possible. Our rice is directly imported from Kawaba Village, Japan. Rice Ball usually includes a filling, which can be meat, fish or Japanese-style pickled vegetables. Preparation is important, so we cook the rice in specific way to make it perfectly soft, warm, and delicious. Of course, our meals and drinks are entirely handmade, and processed ingredients are kept to a minimum. The quality of our ingredients and the care taken during preparation make a seemingly simple meal into a gourmet experience!

About Kawaba-n-chi

We started Kawaba-n-chi かわばんち, Rice Ball store in Kawaba Village, a small town of only 3500 people. Our rice ball is made from a local ricecalled “Yukihotaka,” an exceptionally high- quality rice grown in rich soil and the purest water. The climate around Kawaba Village is perfect for cultivating Yukihotaka rice. Kawaba Village is especially popular for visitors from Tokyo, who only have to travel a couple of hours to enjoy our rice ball and beauty of the natural surroundings. While the agricultural sector in Japan has struggled in recent years, farming Kawaba Village continues to thrive. Now, we want to share the delicioustaste of Yukihotaka rice with the world, starting with the people of Los Angeles. Our mission is to introduce this delicious Japanese food to Americans and to create a new Japanese taste sensation on this side of the Pacific.

Bringing you the dream taste of Kawaba

Rice farming has been flourishing at Kawaba village for many generations. Yukihotaka rice is tended carefully each year, treated to the mineral-rich natural spring water that wells up from the sacred peak of Mt. Hotaka and the careful, experienced management of skilled rice farmers. Due to the incredible flavor of this rice it is typically not sold to the public, but only eaten by those who live in the village and their relatives. It is also often gifted to their Majesties the Emperor and Empress.

Yukihotaka has received the gold prize for 8 consecutive years in the International Overall Division of the International Contest on Rice Taste Evaluation, the largest rice evaluation event kind in Japan.


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